You're one step away from Unlocking Your Purpose, Power & Prosperity...

In this ultra-rare and in-depth program you’ll activate your intuition to gain clarity on your Purpose, tap into your Power & learn to attract Prosperity with ease.
You are getting LIFETIME, On-Demand access to:
  • An In-Depth, 2.5 Hour Recorded Training w/Makhosi so that you can clear away your blocks & tune into all different aspects of your Intuition
  • ​A 2-Hour Recorded Live Q&A & Mirror Coaching for real-life practical examples you can apply to your life
  • A Sacred Water Ceremony to Activate Your Intuition to open the floodgates of your Intuitive Capacity
  • BONUS: Access to the Private Soul Ascension Community to join others just like you on this journey!
All for only $333
(an over $1297 value!)

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Our program is built for LASTING, TRUE TRANSFORMATION

Not a Quick Fix Rollercoaster
Trust your Intuition, your Soul Knows if this is meant for you.
“I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my potential & wanted to find myself. Now I make 2X what I made before, have more flexibility & things just flow to me! I even got engaged within a year of setting the intention because I didn’t dwell on ‘making’ it happen!”

Whitney Smith

Director of Human Resources
“I wore my work ethic as a badge of honor for over 18 years; just pushing, hustling, forcing. The moment I shifted gears from hustle into flow and cleared the wall in my mind, opportunities began pouring in!”

Kyle Brown

Wellness Sage & Founder of

Kathrin Zenkina

Manifestation Expert & Master Mindset Coach


Are there any scholarships available?
There are currently no scholarships available for this program as all spots have been filled, however, you are welcome to enroll in our Activate Your Intuition course at if this program is not feasible for you at this time
When does it start?
Your transformation begins right away! Once you have entered your details, you will be sent an invitation to our private platform where you can begin your Journey today.
How many people are in the program? What is the size of the container?
This program is not limited, however, in order to maintain a high-touch experience, we are mindful of the guide-to-student ratio
Is this program only for women?
No! This is open to anyone regardless of age, gender identity, or occupation
When is the in-person event?
Due to current global circumstances, we have not yet secured a specific date. As things unfold, we will keep everyone abreast of the details. We anticipate the event will occur in the 3rd or 4th quarter in 2021
Is this only for entrepreneurs?
Anyone is welcome to join this program as our focus is not on business, although it can be directly applied to a business if you are an entrepreneur.