Are you ready to unlock a reality beyond what your mind even thinks is possible?

Is there more for you than the basic status quo of success?
It’s time for you to BEGIN… 


An Immersion Experience for 
The Conscious Visionary

Experience The FLOW 
of Euphoric Evolution 
Are you ready to unlock a reality beyond what your mind even thinks is possible?

Is there more for you than the basic status quo of success?
It’s time for you to BEGIN… 


An Immersion Experience for 
The Conscious Visionary

Unlocking Awakened Abundance is a FREE activation session to help you …

BE in your most limitless self, your ESSENCE, the unseen aspect of you that has always existed 
beyond the temporary construct of your perceived experiences.
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Ready to go Beyond what the world is telling you is practical & possible?

I am known to my community as The Royal Shaman.

I am a guide and oracle to highly prosperous, motivated, high-level innovators in the highest realms of life and business.

Did you know that we make about 30,000 decisions daily, mainly 
from an unconscious place? 

However, when we make decisions that align with our innermost essence, we create our most aligned reality beyond “typical” success.

What decision will you make?

“This sounds magical, but it is the most practical, spiritual science, and energetic mastery.”

Are you ready to invest in your well-being?

There’s a little-known fact about making money. 

Did you know your happiness and fulfillment can go DOWN as your income goes UP?

If you’re solely focused on the outcome of making MORE, there’s a point of diminishing returns once you pass the income required to meet your needs. 

MORE money, abundance, and accomplishments are NOT the answer to MORE well-being. 

Once you achieve that “finish line,” it’s not a finish line. It’s an invitation to ask, “what’s next?” while barely acknowledging how far you’ve come.

And you end up in a cycle of spinning your wheels and feeling an expanding emptiness… the VOID.

What is the VOID?

The VOID is a place of emptiness and darkness. A place where no matter how many strategies you try, you can’t seem to find the shore of clarity.

The VOID is a liminal space, like a womb, where your identity, work, and life are gestating and transforming

When you’re in the VOID, it seems like it may last forever, and you’re quite miserable. 

Where do you go once you realize you’re in the void, and how long do you stay in this liminal space?

How long you stay in the VOID is entirely up to you!

You must be guided by someone who has been there and through it and understands the pitfalls and misconceptions of the way we’ve been taught to achieve “success.”
NOW, You get to decide and claim that it’s TIME to move through this VOID and go BEYOND SUCCESS.

During The Unlocking Awakened Abundance Session, you will ...

  • Redefine your relationship with your current Identity, your level of evolution, and who you believe yourself to BE.
  • Replace “I need to work harder” with a new perspective that creates intrinsically aligned action, flow, and abundance.
  • Unplug your socialized desire for external conditions to determine your well-being.
  • ​Understand what the VOID is, how to know when you’re in it, and what it’s trying to show you.
  • Learn to listen and TRUST your inner guidance, even and especially when it makes no sense to anyone around you.
  • ​Understand the critical importance of integration vs. more and more learning.
  • ​Learn your current frequency of SUCCESS and how to elevate to your next level.

Once you enroll, you will receive Instant Access.

The Unlocking Awakened Abundance Immersion is for …

Entrepreneurs, trail-blazers, change-makers, and conscious thought leaders, like you who are ready to go beyond the traditional measures of external success and operate from a place of daily, moment-by-moment authentic expression of your unique essence.

When You Enroll

You will receive a confirmation email and instructions to access the ‘Unlocking Awakened Abundance’ session so you can remove all that stands in the way of you, giving yourself permission to create more effortlessly and BE in FLOW. 

This is where FREEDOM happens..

This is where your GENIUS gets to be BORN. . 


If You’re Ready To...

  • Redefine your relationship with action and outcome,
  • Open your mind to go from victim to creator, and beyond!
  • Understand the value of deep alignment with your true essence,
  • Discover where you currently are in the Flow Matrix of Euphoric Evolution,
  • ​Practice the art of Unlocking Awakened Abundance ...

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Unlock Awakened Abundance

Meet your Guide

Makhosi leads Elite Empire Builders, Iconoclastic Influencers, and Achievers of the Highest Order, those for whom anything is possible and everything is achievable, to seek answers to the ultimate question:

How Can I Be in My True Essence & Go Beyond Success?

Royal Shaman and HIGH PRIESTESS of Euphoria

Makhosi is this generation’s royal ORACLE,
source of ancient wisdom, and prophetic discernment.

“We can learn all the things, listen to all the spiritual teachers, but NOW, we have to implement and integrate (what we discover). This is the next evolution 
of spirituality.”