Activate Your Intuition Course

Your Intuition is the KEY superpower to unlocking your ability to align with your purpose, embody your highest calling, and finally FLOW with abundance.

Using her shamanic wisdom and insight, Makhosi takes you through a 4.5 hour in-depth, intensive training that will help you finally activate your intuitive abilities in ways you never knew were possible.

Your intuition is a BIRTHRIGHT, meaning it’s a skill you already have. But as a spiritual seeker, you’ve probably been lost as to how to actually build up your intuitive muscle and use it as a tool in your everyday life.

Makhosi is a master at bringing the mystical realms into practical focus while showing you all the ways that intuition is more than just “being a little psychic” or helping on rare occasions.

In fact, this training will show you how your intuitive ability will be the foundation for not only your spiritual life but will support EVERY area of your life and who you are here to BE.

In this incredibly detailed intensive that’s loaded with ancient spiritual wisdom, you will learn:

  • ​​An exercise involving DANCE as a way to connect to your BODY (this is a key element to unlocking intuition)
  • ​​Why intuition has been so demonized in modern cultures and how to DECONDITION and RELEASE false, limiting beliefs around embracing and revealing your intuitive powers
  • ​How society has trained us to believe our MINDS are in charge and only our minds (and egos) can figure out what’s best for us, and how intuition has been ignored, repressed, turned off, and pathologized by our culture
  • ​​Why the superpower of Intuition is SO important for every area of our lives such as:​
  • ​​How it protects us and guides us in ways that serve our highest good
  • ​​How it leads us to our Purpose in this lifetime- who we are here to BE
  • ​How it guides us along the path of our Destiny, our Birthright
  • ​​How it leads us to true Empowerment, not the false ideas of “power” we have been conditioned with
  • ​​How it unlocks our true state of abundance, where all that belongs to us flows to us freely without forcing, hustle, stress, or effort
  • ​​How our intuition is the guide that leads us to ultimate self-transcendence, the state of enlightenment that takes us out of “ME” and orients us to true unity

With her Shamanic wisdom and insight, Makhosi shares knowledge of ancient, ancestral spirituality that covers topics like:

  • ​​What IS intuition, exactly? Who is in charge of it, and what sort of mystical, magical influence is involved?
  • ​HOW does intuition even work, and what sort of signs, senses, dreams, and other elements are involved…(plus how to develop your awareness of these things in every area of your life!)
  • ​The VITAL difference between DOING intuition (yang, masculine energy) and BEING intuitive (yin, feminine energy)
  • ​All the ways you have been BLOCKED from your intuition and HOW to clear those blocks, let go and surrender to uncover and REVEAL your ability
  • ​Practical tools and exercises for supporting your intuition and building up the “Clarity muscle” while letting go of all the addictions and fears that keep you blocked
  • ​Also included in this training is a revealing Q&A Session plus a sacred water ritual to help activate your Spirit!

By not focusing on your intuition as THE most important aspect of your spiritual well being, you will find yourself continuing to struggle with:

  • ​Feeling blocked, unclear, and uncertain about your purpose and your path
  • ​Feeling like you need to overthink to figure things out
  • ​Worrying about how to force, fix, or hustle your way to your destiny
  • ​Trying to make alignment happen and when it doesn’t, getting even more stuck in your head and blaming yourself, other people, or the Universe (or just life in general!)
  • ​wondering WHY you can’t hear spirit or feel guided to the right people, places, and opportunities
  • ​Continuing to believe that FEAR or STRESS or PRESSURE is your intuition talking to you and continuing to take misaligned and misinformed action on all the things that aren’t who you are here to BE

So if you’re ready to Unlock Your Purpose, Power & Prosperity...
join Makhosi in this ultra-rare and in-depth workshop where you’ll activate your intuition to gain clarity on your Purpose, tap into your Power & learn to attract Prosperity with ease.

You'll gain LIFETIME, On-Demand access to:

  • ​An In-Depth, 2.5 Hour Recorded Training w/Makhosi
  • ​A 2-Hour Recorded Live Q&A & Mirror Coaching
  • ​A Sacred Water Ceremony to Activate Your Intuition
  • ​BONUS: Access to the Private Soul Ascension Community

 All for only $333
(an over $1297 value!)

I'm Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

The Royal Shaman

I help high-achievers tap into ancient spiritual wisdom in a modern, practical way that resonates with people from all walks of life, to consciously create satisfying success in the real world. I work privately with a select handful of clients to create a potent pathway to a sacred and soul-fulfilling life in the most pure and simple ways.